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NEC and Panasonic Phone Systems expand in increments so your customer only pays for what they need.

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With our Remote Phone System Programming Services, our Life Time Support, and Training, all you have to do is wire in and ground the new phone system and we will do the rest.

NEC Small Business Phone System

NEC has been voted number 1 in customer satisfaction and customer service in 2014, We have the full featured NEC 1100 phone system that can expand in increments up to 96 phones.  We have a 3 phone kit priced at $749.00 and a 6 phone starter kit with voice mail for $1569.00.

Panasonic PBX Phone System

We have the Panasonic KX-TDA50 for small business with th4 needs of less then 24 phones that expands in increments to make it affordable with pricing starting out at $899 with 3 phones.  The KX-TDE line of Panasonic Phone Systems is more intuned for medium sized business with the needs of 24 phones to 64 phones and large business with the needs of 900 phone3s or more.

Both the NEC and Panasonic work well in a Hotel Motel Hospitality environment also with the needs of up to 900 rooms.

We are working with Contractors and Electricians everyday providing new phone systems all over the US.

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ESSI Specializing in Panasonic and NEC Small Business Phones