Panasonic Small System

New Panasonic Phone System sales. Affordable EZ to use user friendly phone system sales to a Nationwide audience.  What is unique about ESSI is we provide free remote phone system programming with 60 days of updates. The reason why we insist in programming the phone system is we would like to make sure our phone systems are programmed correctly and our customers get the full value of the new system purchase. We also provide installation services and support for the do-it your-selfer that would like to install the system them selves.

Panasonic KX-TDA50G

Panasonic KX-TDA50G

The TDA50 is the small business version of their latest model phone system that can affordable meet the needs of any small business.  It can start out at 3 phones and expand affordably up to 24 phones. Fully expanded can be either 12 lines in X 20 phones or 8 voice lines in X 24 phones. The system can also support as many as 24 cordless phones via what is known as 8 cell stations.

Panasonic KX-TDE600

Panasonic KX-TDE100

The Panasonic KX-TDE is available in three different models to meet the needs of larger business with the needs of more then 24 phones.

The KX-TDE100 can expand realistically up to 80 phones using five 16 port station cards, with 1 slot left for a 16 port analog co/trunk card. With what is known as the DXDP port on the back of all the phones it can be expanded even farther. The 100 can be expanded up to 80 voice lines in with one slot left for a 16 port station card.

The KX-TDE200 can expand realistically up to 128 phones using eight 16 port station cards, with three slots left for a 16 port analog co/trunk cards. With what is known as the DXDP port on the back of all the phones it can be expanded even farther. The 200 can be expanded up to 128 voice lines in with one slot left for three 16 port station cards.

The Panasonic KX-TDE600 is a multi KSU system that can be expanded to 900 phones or more for the even larger business applications.

All the systems listed above all run off of the same software, use the all the same phones, and work the same.  The only difference is the KX-TDA50G is not compatible with a T1/PRI circuit directly connected to the phone system.

Panasonic Cordless Phones

Panasonic Cordless Phones

We have many cordless phones compatible with the Panasonic Small Business Phone System as well as the larger Panasonic Systems.

What is unique about the Panasonic Cordless Phones is they connect to what is known as a Cell System sort of like a Cell Phone connects to the Cell Towers around town. The cordless phones are not directly paired with one Cell Station.  They can be connected to multiple Cell Stations like a Cell Phone.  When the Cordless Phone user moves away from the Cell Station it is connected to it locates and connects to the closest Cell Station that is in range.

VoIP – Voice Over IP

The Panasonic systems are also compatible with the VoIP protocol. SIP trunks can be connected to the systems, IP phones can be connected to the systems over the internet or at a home office, and Vonage and a Magic Jack can be connected to the Panasonic Systems.

For larger multi location businesses a backbone can connect multiple systems together making it seem like all the locations are under one roof to the inbound caller or client.

Panasonic Phones

Panasonic Phones

We have all the latest Panasonic Phones in stock to meet the needs of most business applications.  We have what are known as Work Station phones designed for the employee that does not need to perform a lot functions of the phone system and we have a higher end phone designed for a receptionist or executive.  The purpose of the higher end phone is so the receptionist or executive can see what is happening on phone system at all times.

Remote Phone System Programming

We have the ability to program the Panasonic Phone Systems remotely using our subscription to How we connect to the phone system is we log onto one of your on-site Windows based computers safely and securely from our office and program the phone system using the Panasonic PC Admin Application. The phone system needs to be connected to a computer via a USB printer type cable and the computer we log onto needs to be connected to the internet.  Typically a Notebook or Laptop computer works best. The phone system does not need a computer to be connected to the phone systems at all times.

To make a long store short we can make our customers happy quickly, safely, and in a timely manner. Also compare us to a local vender. Call you local vender several times and see if they even answer the phone. Call us several times and see if we pick the phone and answer the phone with a live person.  We answer the phone 100% of the time!

Transfer Calls to a Cell Phone

Transfer Calls to a Cell Phone

Over the years we have found the ability to transfer calls to an associates Cell Phone has been a very big hit. For light calls transferred to a Cell Phone the line the call came in on will be in use and the line that the caller is redirected out on will be in use, using up two of the systems lines.

Panasonic Communication Assistant

Panasonic Communication Assistant

This highly-intuitive application suite offers the following key features:
• Seamless Networking & Searching Across Multiple Platforms
• Enhanced Voice Messaging (VMA)
• Versatile, Intuitive Conferencing Capability
• Instant Messaging (Chat) and Presence Capabilities
• Microsoft® Outlook®, CRM (TAPI) and Third Party
Database (LDAP) Contact Integration

Networking and Search Function
Search contacts, make calls over the network, determine Presence
status and more across multiple platforms—all from a single server PC.

Simplified Teleconferencing
Quickly organize conferences for up to 32 participants via
simple drag and drop from your contacts list.

Outlook Toolbar Enhancement
Incoming calls are accompanied by a pop-up window
showing the caller’s contact information* and memos
from previous calls, maximizing call efficiency.

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