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We are ESSI – E System Sales, Inc. We have been selling and installing new phones for small business all over the country since 2001 and we have many satisfied customers.

New Phone System Sales.  Affordable EZ to Use, User Friendly phone system sales nationwide.  What is unique about ESSI – E system Sales, Inc. is we program the new NEC and Panasonic Phone Systems remotely for free with 60 days of updates. We also provide lifetime support and training to the original owner. We provide installation services as well as support for the do-it y0ur-selfer that confident they can wire the phone system them selves.

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NEC Small Business Phones

NEC Small Business Phone System

We are proud to say NEC has been voted number 1 in customer satisfaction and customer service in 2014.  We have two of the latest NEC phone systems for Small Business with the needs of a system as small as 3 phones that can affordably grow in increments to as high as 96 phones.

Panasonic Phone System

Panasonic Small Business Phone System

Panasonic has been one of the leaders in the Business Telephones world from the very beginning. The latest Panasonic for small business that we are vey familiar with is the KX-TDA50G.  The TDA50 can start out as small as 3 phones and can grow to configurations such as  12 lines X 20 phones and 8 voice lines in X 24 phones. What is unique about the latest model Panasonic Systems is the Cordless Phone System.  The cordless phones and the cell stations are sold separately,  How the system works is when the cordless phone loses signal from the currently connected cell station the cordless phones locates the next cell station and connects to it with our ever losing connection.

VOiP – Voice Over IP

Both the NEC and Panasonic systems support Voice Over IP. The best way VoIP will be most cost effective is if you need a phone connected to the phone system at another location, such as a home or a second location.  VoIP voice lines save money also.

The VoIP – Voice Over IP Protocol consists of two part in the Business Phone System world. One instance is VoIP voice lines.  VoIP voice lines is phone service provided to your business over the internet. The other instance is telephones connected to the phone system over a computer network or over the internet at an off-site location.

For multi-location business the phone system at both location can be connected together via an internet backbone.  Connecting the systems tighter like this make inter-communications direct. You do not have to call the other location over a voice line.

Cordless Phone Capability

Business Cordless Phones

The Panasonic and the NEC also support digital cordless phones that provide most of the same features as the desk phones. As we touched on briefly earlier the range of the cordless phones can be extended to meet the needs of users on the go and large homes.

Remote Phone System Programming

As ESSI would difinently consider it’s self up to date on all the latest phone systems and protocols.  We insist on programming the phone systems we sell our selves.  This way we can make double sure all of our customers will be as happy with their new phone system so they can go on about there business.  When a customer calls in to update their system we can preform the update in minutes.  This makes the updates fast and simple.  Also our customer does not have to wait till a technician shows up on-site to update their system.  Also when we talk about a technician, we answer the phone every time you call.  This means you do not have to leave a message and wait for a technician to return you call.

How we program the phone systems remotely is we have a subscription with We have found the Show My PC program is as safe and secure as can be.  The user of the computer has to generate a password to let us in and can kick us out at  any time by simply closing the Show My PC program.

Telephone System Installation

You can expect either professional installation services or support for self installers that want to install the phone system them selves. Once your new phone system is installed we provide free programming services for systems with the purchase 0or a new Panasonic or NEC phone system plus 60 days of updates to make sure your new Telephone System is programmed and working the way you would liket it to work.

We program the systems safely and securely using Show My PC where we log on to your Windows PC and log out when we are done. A Windows PC and a Cable or DSL internet connection is required. A satellite internet connection will not work.

Small Phone Features

The Panasonic and the NEC Phone System provide many useful features like: Auto Attendant Call Forwarding on and off-site, Call Hold, Caller ID, Call Loging, Cordless Phones, Door Phones, Intercom, Music or Message on Hold, Paging or Public Address, Voice Mail Voice Mail to Email, and a lot more.

Please make sure to let your sales rep know what features you are interested in because licensing and hardware may be required.

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