NEC Small System

New NEC Small System Sales for Small Business. EZ to install, EZ to use, and user friendly NEC System sales to a nationwide audience.  Free Remote Phone System Programming with 60 Days of Updates plus Life Time Support and Training on all new NEC Phone System Sales.  We provide installation services as well as support for the do-it your-selfer or local technician that has the ability to install a phone system them self. We at ESSI are proud to say that NEC has been voted number 1 in customer satisfaction and customer service in 2014. We have available both of the latest NEC phone systems in-stock and ready for immediate shipment.  All you have to do is say yes and we will have your new phone system up and running in no time.

NEC SL1100

NEC PBX Phone System

The first of the two systems we have is the NEC SL1100.  What makes the SL1100 so unique is you only have to pay for as much of the system as you need.  If you do not need the Desktop Suite you do not have to pay for it.  If you do not need the Hotel/Motel/Hospitality features you do not have to pay for it.  If you need a system as small as three phones, all you have to pay for is three phones and the system.  If you need to expand your system in the future the all you have to pay for is the expansion you need and no more. The NEC SL1100 can meet the needs of a system as small as three phones and can grow to meet the needs of a large business with 96 phone incrementally and affordably all the way up.

NEC SV8100


The second system we have is the highly advanced NEC SV8100 for Small to large business. The SV8100 is the latest high end advanced phone system available in two models.  A 9.5″ model that is expandable to 32 phones and the 19″ model that can support up to five 16 port digital station cards.  For business with the needs of a larger system there is the SV8300.

NEC Cordless Phone

NEC Cordless Phone for A PBX

The NEC Cordless Phones runs on the latest Dect 6.0 signal.  This wire less phone also has the ability to expand the range of the cordless phone by adding what is known as range extenders.  The range extenders will extend the range of the cordless phones for large warehouse type buildings and large homes.  The EZ to use and user friendly Dect 6.0 cordless phone provides most of the features as the standard desk phones.  Most of the later model NEC Phone Systems have the ability to add cost saving standard analog cordless phones also.

NEC Phones

NEC Phones for Small Business

Choose from a large selection or NEC Phones for Small Business.  Basically it is easy to choose a phone or phones for your business.  It depends on the position of the worker. Lets take a warehouse position for instance.  The warehouse will most likely would only receive calls, so the warehouse does not need an expensive phone.  The newer NEC systems include what are known as Analog Ports so a phone that costs as low as $20 can be placed in a warehouse office. A sales position will have light call handling duties and might need a more sophisticated phone.  A receptionist would need more of a high end phone or a desk top app capable of heavy call handing duties. An executive or a manager would need a phone or a desk top app with call appearance so they can see what the employees are doing.

Remote Phone System Programming NEC has made it EZ to program the phone system remotely. We have the ability to program the NEC Phone Systems remotely using our subscription to How we connect to the phone system is we log onto one of your on-site computers safely and securely from our office and program the phone system using Internet Explorer on and internet browser. The phone system needs to be connected to you computer network also. Another advantage of connecting the phone system to you computer network besides the ability to program remotely is the phone system will look out to a time server to update the time.  This means you will not have to update the time. To make a long store short we can make our customers happy quickly, safely, and in a timely manner. Also compare us to a local vender. Call you local vender several times and see if they even answer the phone. Call us several times and see if we pick the phone and answer the phone with a live person.  We answer the phone 100% of the time!

Transfer Calls to a Cell Phone Transfer Calls to a Cell Phone

Over the years we have found the ability to transfer calls to an associates Cell Phone has been a very big hit. The service provider provides a service known as Business Call Transfer. How this works is the NEC System can transfer a call to a Cell Phone with using any of the phone systems resources and drop the call entirely from the phone system.  This means you can answer and transfer calls all day long with out the use of the lines. For light calls transferred to a Cell Phone  the Transfer feature might not be needed although the line the call came in on will be in use and the line that the caller is redirected out on will be in use, using up two of the systems lines.

NEC Desktop Suite and the IP Softphone NEC Desktop Suite The Desk Top Suite is an advanced feature that can be added if needed.  The Desk Top Suite adds full control of the phone and for users that uses Outlook it integrates Outlook with your for ease of use handling your contacts. The IP Softphone is the best choice and most cost effective for remote phones as advanced hardware is not required at remote locations. Simply connect to the office network with the built in Windows VPN protocol and the IP phone will automatically connect.

NEC Electra Elite

One of NEC’s finest phone systems of the modern era that can be well suited for small business, large business or a business with multiple locations.

NEC DSX Phone System

An affordable phone system for small business as small as 3 phones with major expansion to as many as 96 phones.

Hotel Motel Communications

As the need for Hotel and Motel Communications grow less and less ESSI has an affordable phone system with the basic needs.

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