Phones for a Hotel

Hotel PBX Phone System

The NEC and the Panasonic are well suited as  a phone system for a small hotel.

Hotel Console
With evolution, technology, and the newer model phones systems, there is no longer a need for a large console at the front desk of a Hotel.  In the past a phone with a console was needed to see what room is calling the front desk.  Now with Caller ID and the display phone, the receptionist can see which room is calling for optimal customer service.

Hotel Voice Mail
Once again as technology continues to evolve the need for a Voice Mail system is really no longer needed as most guests have and use a Cell Phone or a Smart Phone for texting.

Emergency Calling
We are seeing more and more states require a Hotel Guest to be able to dial 911 from a room with out having to dial a 9 first. This means a Hotel Guest would have to dial 9911 for emergence service and not many guests in an emergency situation would remember to dial that extra 9 first. Most of the older Hotel Phone Systems do not have the capability to dial 911, this is why we are replacing out older phone systems with new Panasonic and NEC phone systems.

NEC PBX Phone System

The NEC SL1100 can start out for a small hotel with the need for 20 rooms at a cost of$1599.00.  The next increment would be 40 Rooms for $2540.00.  From there we can do up 60 60 rooms for as low as $3382.00. Maxed out we can do up to 80 rooms for $4223.00.  these prices include the Hotel/Motel/Hospitality license.

NEC SV8100  PBX Phone System

The NEC SV8100 is also a great choice for a small hotel and it’s larger cousin the SV8300 and the SV8500 can meet the needs of a large Hotel with the need of lots phone hones with many Hotel/Motel features available.

Panasonic PBX Phone System

The Panasonic PBX Phone Systems in a small Hotel have been a real success, special in small Hotels that do not have an Inn Keeper. What has made the Panasonic such a success for is it’s ability to transfer calls off site to a cell phone when an Inn Keeper is not on-site.  All of the incoming calls can be forwarder off-site and all of the calls from the door phone can be forwarder off-site to a cell phone.

The Panasonic is also well suited for a small Hotel to a large Hotel with the need of as many as 900 phones or more.

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