Cordless Phones

Both the NEC and the Panasonic phone systems provide Cordless Phones for the user or associate that is always on the move.

NEC Cordless Phone

NEC Cordless Phone

Compatible with most of the later model NEC Phone Systems such as the NEC Elite, Aspire, DSX, SL1100, UX5000, and the SV8100.  this cordless phone is not compatible with the DS1000 and the DS2000.  This phone features most all the same features as the desk phones and has 8 programmable buttons so it can see up to 8 lines in.

The NEC Dect 6.0 cordless phone has an optional range extending capability that can be added on later.

Panasonic Cordless Phone

Panasonic Cordless Phones

Panasonic manufactures several cordless phones for Small Business Phone Systems.

What is unique a about one of Panasonic’s cordless phone systems is it works like a Cell Phone. The cordless phones and the cell stations are sold separately, What happens is when a user talking on a cordless phones moves too far away from the Cell Station it is currently connected to the cordless phone in question then locates and connects to the next cell station with out losing connection to the phone system. The cordless phones are not paired with a cell station and can connect to any cell station.  The cordless cell station system is not compatible with all Panasonic Phone Systems.

Below is a picture of the Cell Station used to connect cordless phones to the system. Sold separately.

Panasonic Cell Station

Panasonic does also manufacture what is known as a IP Cell station allowing cordless phones to connect to the system at remote locations via an IP connection.

Panasonic Cordless Phone

Panasonic does manufacturer a cordless phone that is paired to it’s own cell station that is compatible with the new Panasonic Phone Systems as well as the older systems also.


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